Friday, June 17, 2011

Anarchist Collective Dog Walkers May Be Friends With The Washington Post

I lived in the DC area for over 13 years and regularly subscribed and read the Washington Post. Occasionally there would be stories that described belief that they were worth printing in one of the most important newspapers in the country.

One that stuck in my mind was an article about two twin sisters who volunteered to work on Clinton's second inauguration. Believe you me that was worth several inches in the Style pages. I just assumed they were friends with somebody at the Post and they got the story published that way.

Today's edition though takes the cake. It features an article describing the trials and tribulations of a group of Anarchist Collectivists dog walkers.

I know I find it confusing how a bunch of anarchists can make collective decisions since that wouldn't make them anarchists, would it?

It is kind of like the one hit wonder band Chumbawumba, who I believe, also described themselves as a group of anarchists who made decisions collectively. So here is the video in salute to you, Washington D.C.'s anarcho-collectivist dog walkers. And to your friends at The Washington Post.