Friday, February 29, 2008

Huntsville TV Station Hits the Big Time

Channel 19 here in HSV is the CBS affiliate. For technical reasons part of the 60 Minute story on Karl Rove personally prosecuting the former Democratic governor was not shown. Somehow, twice, the New York Times blamed it on the fact that one of the owners donated to Bush. Of course it turns out they had him confused with his brother, who didn't. See the correction here.

More Bad Hillary News

This is an example of how Hillary Clinton is destroying the Democratic party in her lust for the Presidency. See Unless Obama Wins, He Loses.

Bad Headline Writing

This is a good example of a bad headline. The article explains that it is not known if the law is unconstitutional, just that the opinion of the state that it would not survive constitutional scrutiny. It would take somebody to challenge the law and then the State courts to rule to make it "unconstitutional".

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Huntsville Has Most H2B Workers in US

According to this article in The Huntsville Times, because of CINRAM Huntsville has the most H2B workers of any place in the country. There is also reports that CINRAM is bringing more in. This seems counterintuitive to the last reporting where the workers were leaving due to lack of work.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

New Israeli Assault Rifle

You read about something like this weapon and all you think is why the US is still using the M4? I think this is much more practical for the US's needs.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

MSM Turns

Dana Milbank has been one of the snarkiest, nastiest Washington Post columnists about the Bush White House. One of the arguments the MSM makes is that they just don't hate Bush, but all politicians. They will be just as hard on Democrats when they are in office, they claim. It looks like Dana didn't want to wait for Hillary to win the election. See Team Clinton: Down, and Out of Touch.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Political Dog Eat Dog

If you enjoy watching a political party implode into factionalism and candidates destroying each other, read the comments that accompany an article like this. If you have ever read any of the Bush-hating comments that accompany any article in The Washington Post you can see it reflected here in the comments on Hillary. Not that I am enjoying it.

Clemens and Congress Too

Just as I predicted here it looks like Congress will investigate Roger Clemens for lying to Congress. See the article here.

Netvibes Upgrade

I use Netvibes at work as my personnel homepage. It allows me to do some things that the Websense won't allow normally. Today I got this huge upgrade (to Ginger from Coriander), and it looks like Netvibes is trying to branch out into social networking. Along with my personal homepage I get a Universe page as well that is available for all to see. So if you are interested here it is: Dagpotter's World.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Great Early New Wave - The Stranglers

The Stranglers were on the cusp of what would be called New Wave. A transition band from Punk to what became the more synthesized sound of classical New Wave.

Vista Suit

As a Vista user maybe I can join this? I am not much of a believer in this kind of law suit. I think I have Home Premium, and my computer gets a 3.0 score, which is more than adequate to run it.

Legal Corruption

This is one way that legislators suck money for personnel use from the campaign finance system. They use their contributions to "pay" family members for work. I think a good example is that Tom Delay had his wife receiving tens of thousands of dollars for such work. See this from the Washington Post for more on this bad practice. If a company overly hired a relative it would look bad, but they can launder money through this system.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Arsenal's Week Gets Worse

Not only did Arsenal draw Birmingham 2-2 on a late penalty, they may have lost Eduardo indefinitely to a broken leg. Even up a player after the nasty tackle on Eudardo that did the damage they could not muster a win. See this for more.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Patriots Taping Did Help Them Cheat

According to this New York Times article, the Patriots began taping as soon as Belichek showed up, and they actually used it to win a game. Of course the players are anonymous, but eventually it will all come out.

Earth Will Now Be Destroyed When Sun Dies

According to some recent research on Red Giant stars it looks like the Earth will be absorbed by our sun when it does that. See this for more. Not that I will care 7.2 Billion years from now, but it is something to think about.

Arsenal Made 20 M Pounds In Six Months

Arsenal announced that through November they had turned a profit of 20 M Pounds (~$40M). Pretty good all round. They play Birmingham this weekend and need to win after the last two disappointing non-league games. See this for more.

Don't Pay Your Mortgage - The Feds Will

According to this article in the crappy New York Times it looks like the government will begin guaranteeing people's mortgages. So for all you stupid people out there who bought within their means and paid on time, too bad. Your tax dollars will now go to those who did not. Run up that credit card debt too, it won't matter. Your hardworking fellow taxpayers will pay them eventually.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Clinton Had Worst Campaign in American History?

So claims Eric Alter of Newsweek, here; I find that hard to believe. Clinton is not a good candidate, really, deep down; but I think John Kerry's was worse. And don't forget William Jennings Bryan.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Arsenal Draw

Arsenal, like Man U, could only achieve a draw at home today with their Champions League opponents. This means they will need to travel to Italy and win to advance. Maybe there is a provision if both games are a draw, but it is a lot easier to win the game outright. This is very disappointing. See this for more.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Arsenal to Play AC Milan

Arsenal will play the Italian team tomorrow in the Champions League. Hopefully they will turn out a better side then on Saturday. See this for a preview.

More Bad Governance from Virginia

Last year the Democrats got control of the Virginia Senate. Virginia requires a balanced budget. Virginia revenue has dropped. Massive cuts to various state programs to balance budget. What do Virginia Democrat controlled Senate want? Almost $200 M to be spent on a new building for them and their staff for the three months a year they work. See this for more.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Bad Decision

All I know is bad things will happen because this is a bad decision.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Arsenal Fails to Show Up at Man U

Arsenal has now been eliminated from both English Cups. They played horribly yesterday and lost 4-0. See this
for the gory details. Needless to say they better play better in the Champions League and the Premiership, or the season will be wasted. Maybe Wenger should have signed some players.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Simplest Solution for Global Warming

I have often argued that the simplest solution for Global Warming is the "Sheep Look Up" one. Eliminate a large number of people who create the gases. This article in The Weekly Standard shows how some far thinking liberals have adopted this idea. They are asking developing countries to sacrifice their quality of life for the world. No example of their sacrifices provided.

Arsenal to Play Man U in FA Cup

Strengthened by the return of some players from the African Nations Cup, Arsenal will play Man U in the FA cup tomorrow. It should be a good game, with Man U coming off an embarrassing loss last week in the Premiership.

Somebody Finally Invetigating CINRAM H2B Workers Situation

According to The Huntsville Times, the NAACP and a fair housing advocacy group have begun an investigation into the CINRAM's H2B workers situation. I figured this would have happened sooner. They are just looking at the apartments they are being put in right now. We will have to see where this goes, but it certainly won't provide good publicity for the company or program. See this for more.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

I Don't Know If This Is the Kind of Representation I Would Want

One of McNamee's lawyers said today that it doesn't matter what happens to Clemens as President Bush will pardon him. That is quite a conspiracy theory. See the story here. If this is true the Grand Jury, trial and sentencing will have be quick.

No Loch Ness Monster Due to Global Warming

As I sit here with the temperature outside >20 degrees F, I read that the Loch Ness monser, Nessies, may be dead due to Global Warming. See this in an English newspaper. A veteran Nessie searcher now says he/she is dead, probably due to Global Warming. Is there nothing it cannot do?

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Patriots Spygate Coming Out in Dribs & Drabs

I don't understand why the NFL is doing this. More information is starting to come out in little pieces. The commissioner will meet with Sen Spectar today. In this article at ESPN somehow the NFL admits that the spying goes back to 2000. That is a very coincidental date, you think? Why they just didn't come out and say it in September, I don't know.

Is This The End for Hillary?

According to The Washington Post in this article some of the groups that supported Hillary deserted her yesterday. If this trend continues, Mr. Obama will continue to win states as time passes. Identity politics is such fun.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

How To Fill Newsprint (Badly)

I guess The Huntsville Times sent a bunch of guys to Daytona to cover the Big Race. Now they have to write stuff every day to fill the sports section. Here is a classic bad column on how NASCAR fans get tatoos of their favorite drivers in Daytona. Imagine? Also it is painful to get a tatoo.

See the article here. And you wonder why people don't read the paper anymore?

Monday, February 11, 2008

Arsenal Win 2-0

Arsenal beat Blackburn 2-0 and hold a 5 point lead. See The Daily Telegraph here.

Franken Opponent Finds Out Celebrity Trumps Qualifications

I had assumed that Al Franken would be running unopposed for Democratic Senate in Minnesota. Turns out that a lawyer and activist is running against him. See this for more. Poor Mr. Ciresi is finding out that Al Franken's boorish celebrity is more valuable then any of the things he can bring to the table, such as being an activist lawyer. I would bet that he would be a better representative of Minnesota then Mr. Franken, but we must support his run as hopefully Norm Coleman can pull it out. If the Republican candidate runs strong as it looks there is much hope for retaining this seat, that last year looked pretty bleak.

Drudge Claims New York Times to Stab Hillary in the Back

Drudge is reporting that The New York Times will publish a story tomorrow, when what is seen as a chance for Hillary to stem the bleeding with the "Potomac Primary", that Hillary's backers are really starting to get worried. See this for more.

Arsenal Play Tonight

Arsenal play Blackburn tonight with a good chance to extend their lead. Man U lost their Derby to Man City and Chelsea drew. One hopes the team can take advantage of this situation.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

When I Read This I Think of Zimbabwe

When you read of a government trying to sieze food and food producing assets, like Venezuela is proposing here, all I can say is Zimbabwe. Where the government policies of land seizure and appropriation led to shortages and inflation. Sometimes socialism doesn't work.

Redskins Hire Jim Zorn

This is what little Danny Snyder is reduced to - hiring Jim Zorn. That doesn't mean he won't be a good coach, but I doubt it with the hand he is dealt. The Redskins are now the Raiders East - no real coach will take the job due to the meddling of the owner. So now you hire young guys looking to get some experience. See The Washington Post here for more. They are already comparing him to the "Young Joe Gibbs", no pressure there.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Huntsville Schools Remain an Embarrassment

Once again the Huntsville School Board tried to have a meeting to talk about the situation at Providence. Once again they ignored the wishes of the parents, and common sense, in how they allocate students to their schools. See The Huntsville Times here for more. You have a bunch of schools at half or less capacity and one that is over capacity, but you are talking about building a new school? It makes no sense. Maybe if you improved the schools with funding and teachers and facilities it would help make the neighborhoods better. The practice of busing kids from "bad" (i.e. poor, black) neighborhoods to new schools and allowing the existing schools to get more run down isn't going to help the city.

When Stupid Intellectuals Attack

This is an example of the denseness of the so-called intellectual class in America. Here is the country honoring somebody who is a great artist for his personal achievements and he is torn internally because he might have to sully himself by going to the White House for a party in his honor. What am I not getting? Maybe he should refuse the award and renounce his citizenship in protest. The other confusing thing is I am not sure who he is, and what he has done.

Friday, February 8, 2008

Republican Race Down to 2

With Romney quitting it is really John McCain's to lose. Hucakbee and Ron Paul are staying in it, but it is only a matter of time. The Democrats, though, seem pretty split.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Roger Clemens and Congress

I briefly saw Mike Golic ranting on tv that unless Mr. McNamee has direct evidence of steroid use then it won't mean much. He is forgetting that Mr. Clemens won't be charged with crimes related to steroid use, but perjury and obstruction of justice. There was a reason they did the depositions in the order they did, and then had McNamee turn the evidence over after Clemen's testimony. See this for more.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Line of Super Tuesday Goes to Dick Morris (Unintentionally)

Dick Morris wrote an article about how Hillary would win the nomination after South Carolina by splitting the Democratic party along racial lines. See the article here. This led to say "According to Dick Morris, Bill and Hillary Clinton wanted to make the primary contest a question of race and it worked." See The Clintons: It worked.


Alabama was hit pretty hard last night with tornadoes, not as bad as some states, but we had four dead in the general area. We did get up and take shelter for an hour, and there is a reported tornado near our house, but HSV and Madison County came through ok, as did we. It took something like this for people to realize that we lived in Alabama.

Hillary Is Running Out Of Money

Two reports surfaced today that indicate that Hillary is running out of cash. First, it was said she loaned herself $5 M. Not that Bill and she aren't rich, but they cannot keep that up for long. There is also a report that some of her campaign staff are going without pay. If this true it will be hard for her to compete over the next few weeks. The next primaries are far apart and she now needs to win every one. There are also reports that Obama is raising another $30 M this month. He may be able to spend her under.

Romney Voters in Alabama

The conventional theory coming out of yesterday is that Southerners won't vote for Romney, hence all the wins by Huckabee. I am not ready to tar my fellow state residents that way. Based on talking to people I think a lot of Republicans crossed over to vote for Obama as a way to prevent Hillary. I saw the head of the State Democratic Party on TV gushing about how large the turnout was. It was, I can vouch for that. But where I live the number of Democrats is small for the state, and I bet more voted in the Democratic primary than the Republican. If large numbers of people did do this, that meant only the hard core Republicans voted in that primary, and they would have gone for Huckabee.

Updated - Based on this link Election Results, I am wrong. Turnout was about the same in both primaries. So maybe my theory is bad.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

I Could Have Told You This - Cost of MA State Health Care Plan to Double in 3 Years

I guess The Boston Globe is ignoring the Super Bowl. They have a nice article for tomorrow stating that the current estimate for the state's new mandatory health care plan will double in three years. Imagine that? Like Tennessee found out the hard way, if you try to insure everybody at a high level it gets expensive. See the story here. Part of the problem is that 169 K people have already signed up, more then was estimated ever would use it. It has been in existence for less than one year.

Evil Falls Hard

So the Patriots lose the big one. Miami's record is safe as they won the Superbowl, despite playing 2 less regular season games. The two Mannings have beaten the Patriots when it counted the last two years. The world is back in balance. Now I also expect the gloves to be off on the whole taping scandal. There is no reason now for the media not to pile on. In a way the Patriots may end up feeling like Bill Clinton does right now.

Oh yeah, Plaxico was right: they didn't score 17 points.

This Is Historical And Kind Of Weird

The AP is reporting they have a copy of a photo taken of Ernie Pyle taken just after his death. He died on Shima due to a Japanese machine gun. The article is here. This is one of those things where it is a historical photo due to the fame of the subject, but that fact that they are dead in it is just kind of weird. Put it down to morbidity and celebrity.

Tottanham Almost Beats Man U, Arsenal Clear on Top

Tottanham drew Man U, although it took an own goal at the end for United to salvage the tie. A draw though puts Arsenal on top and they have closed the goal gap a good deal.

CINRAM Workers Scarpered

According to the Huntsville Times the majority of the Nepalese H2B workers left town to go work elsewhere. I do not know if that is allowed under the H2B program. It did say they are allowed to travel. See the article here. It seems they had received letters from CINRAM letting them know they were at-will employees, so they acted. To me it sounds like CINRAM was getting ready to let them go. Homeland Security said they are involved, so I don't know if there is any immigration violations.

Old Business Not Catching Up with Old Technology

There is an aritcle today in the New York TimesReview of Books entitled "Waiting For It". It is about why it takes so long to publish a book. See here. The article blames marketing and distribution. Of course, the web provides an avenue around both of those issues. John Scalzi, award winning science fiction author of recent times. See John Scalzi - Wikipedia, couldn't get his book, Old Man's War, published. He started putting one chapter at a time on his blog and let people read it. He was able to get it published and won a Nebula award. He used the web to crate demand. Any author can self publish a book like Scalzi did. They can also sell it through there own web site, printing to order. I don't know if Amazon offers such a service, but they could easily do the distribution for an author. The other option is to not even publish the book, just push content to the web and let people read it. Advertising will compensate to a point. So, once again the Old Media is missing what the web can do for it.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Patriots Cheated in 2001 As Well

The rabidly, sickeningly pro-Patriot newspaper, The Boston Herald has an amazing story that the Patriots illegally taped a Rams practice before the Superbowl back in 2002. Imagine that. Now everyone is running around denying it, but you would think the Herald would have a good feeling about the story if they ran it on the day before yet another Patriot Superbowl.

Sorry, fixed the date. It was after the 2001 season, but the game was in 2002.

Arsenal Easily Beat Man City

Arsenal beat Man City away 3-1 to take the lead again in the Premiership. With 3 goals in each of their last games they are starting to close the gap with Man U. See The Daily Telegraph here for more information. Adebayor got two more goals.

Raider Turmoil

I had been trying to ignore football because of the Superbowl. As such I missed all of the turmoil surrounding the Raiders. It looks like Al Davis is trying to force out the coach he hired last year, Lane Kiffin. I am not sure why? Rumor has it Al is upset about the trading of Randy Moss, which in retrospect looks like a terrible move for the Raiders. But it is a completely different situation. Anyway, if Al had sense he would keep Lane and work with him for a few more years.