Saturday, February 9, 2008

Huntsville Schools Remain an Embarrassment

Once again the Huntsville School Board tried to have a meeting to talk about the situation at Providence. Once again they ignored the wishes of the parents, and common sense, in how they allocate students to their schools. See The Huntsville Times here for more. You have a bunch of schools at half or less capacity and one that is over capacity, but you are talking about building a new school? It makes no sense. Maybe if you improved the schools with funding and teachers and facilities it would help make the neighborhoods better. The practice of busing kids from "bad" (i.e. poor, black) neighborhoods to new schools and allowing the existing schools to get more run down isn't going to help the city.

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Anonymous said...

The school board operates at the pleasure of the Mayor, in the best interest of the city and not necessarily the students. Building more schools in the western area of the city limits is about increasing the opportunities for developers. I would never repeat it, but our Mayor is in bed with some developers, one of them literally.