Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Romney Voters in Alabama

The conventional theory coming out of yesterday is that Southerners won't vote for Romney, hence all the wins by Huckabee. I am not ready to tar my fellow state residents that way. Based on talking to people I think a lot of Republicans crossed over to vote for Obama as a way to prevent Hillary. I saw the head of the State Democratic Party on TV gushing about how large the turnout was. It was, I can vouch for that. But where I live the number of Democrats is small for the state, and I bet more voted in the Democratic primary than the Republican. If large numbers of people did do this, that meant only the hard core Republicans voted in that primary, and they would have gone for Huckabee.

Updated - Based on this link Election Results, I am wrong. Turnout was about the same in both primaries. So maybe my theory is bad.

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