Sunday, August 19, 2007

Bar Camp Block

My brother works in the new dot-com industry, that while it has not reached the days of the late Nineties, still has recovered quite a bit. Unlike my industry they do lots of neat social things. Probably because they can share information a lot more easier then we can, and also because what they are working with is actually new and neat. I deal with policy and procedures, it is not new and definitely not neat.

Yesterday he and some of his employees went to a "Bar Camp". The bar in this means they take over a bar or restaurant, and people just meet and share information. The only requirement is pre-registration and a desire to talk about what you do and know. This one they did a block party, so they took over a whole street in Palo Alto.

I am jealous, probably because I will never attend an event like this.


Andrew Mager said...

Excellent post. The BarCamp was awesome.

Dagpotter said...

Hey, nobody is supposed to read this.