Sunday, April 6, 2008

Alabama Politics Hit the Big Time

For some reason the Huffington Post wanted to write about the huge scandal that has occurred with our fine Two Year College system. See this post. For those who don't know the Federal and State have been investigating all of the various ties between the system and legislators among other things. It had increasingly become common for state legislators to work for the system either as employees or contractors while overseeing giving the system money through the budget process. Alabama has part time legislators so they need jobs outside of that. As the post points out many of the people involved so far are Democrats but also some Republicans. It is also convoluted as the most powerful force in Alabama is the Teachers Union, and those who work for the 2 Year system are members.

For a more reasonable discussion of the issue see this from

The scandal has led to a bunch of reforms and people quitting jobs and arrests and so on. One recent reform was that employees could not use their annual leave from work to attend the legislative session. That is now considered double dipping.

We will see how this goes, but based on the arrests and convictions of both legislators and employees the argument of the Huff Post is minimal at best.

Updated to have editorial.

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