Wednesday, July 30, 2008


The Navy had a fire on the USS George Washington that injured 37 did $70 M in damage and put the ship in the dockyard for a while. See a story here. Turns out it was smoking that caused the fire. The crew is ashore waiting for the ship to be repaired. The Captain and the XO are relieved. Probably they will retire very soon. The Navy holds the CO responsible for pretty much anything and everything that happens on the ship. They get fired first.

Here on Redstone Arsenal we had a major security breach. A women fleeing local police turned onto a road that only goes to the Arsenal. She drove through the gate without being stopped and made it across two thirds of the base. Unfortunately she stopped due to an accident and killed a NASA worker. The Army did an investigation and said that improvements to security will be made. The Base Commander, an O6 like the CO and XO of the Washington, retired. Nobody was relieved, or fired, or punished as far as anyone can tell. The gate guards will get more training. I waste 20-30 minutes a day due to the gate and the fact I need to stop and have my badge checked. That type of security obviously buys nothing. The person could have driven on with a large bomb and killed a lot more than one person. Accountability.

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