Monday, August 18, 2008

Soviet Plans Confirmed

Victor Suvorov was a Soviet defector in the 1980's. He actually was a senior military intelligence official. He wrote several books about his service and the Soviet military. In Inside the Soviet Army he described why he thought the Soviets could beat NATO in Western Europe. One of the things he said was that any attack would begin with a massive nuclear offensive on NATO bases and resources. Then Soviet tanks would drive West to the English Channel through a radioactive haze. Some doubted the feasibility of this, or the need. Now in the Weekly Standard, here, Ulf Gartzke, writes about how some German historians are using declassified Czech files and discovered that was the actual plan. In fact the Soviets came very close twice to launching it. There is sure to be more to come as these kind of files are opened up and researched.

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