Tuesday, November 4, 2008

People in Cali are Looking for an AR-15

The Federal Government got rid of their "assault weapon" ban. California has their own. The law bans all AR-15 made by the original manufacturer, but copies from other companies are allowed as long as they don't have 30 round clips, pistol grips or flash suppressors (as well as a host of other cosmetic things - like a bayonet). A few months ago I linked to a site where they had made a CA legal AR-15, and just to make a point made it a Hello Kitty version. I constantly get hits from people in CA looking for a "legal AR-15" going to my post and then on to the Hello Kitty site. So here it is bumped up as it is so popular.

Riflegear.com shows us a perfectly legal AR-15 in California. It is also darn cute, but I wouldn't carry it around manly men. See this post. Also, if you don't get the joke, I am sorry.

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