Saturday, November 1, 2008

Wonders Never Cease, Washington Post Admits Liberal Bias Bad for Business

Over the last year of the election the Washington Post's Ombudsman, Ms. Howell, has been writing article after article defending the Post's coverage of Obama and McCain. She has offered editor's platitudes as to why Obama got twice as many articles as McCain, or many times more photos then the Republican. Obama is new, different, and McCain is old and been covered over and over.

Now the Post announced that revenue fell 86% in the 3rd Quarter compared to last year. Ms. Howell says that maybe this is due to bias, arrogance and the fact that they have been getting rid of their best people to save money. (That worked so well for Circuit City). In fact, she admits this is not really what their readers want.

She does not make the connection between the bias and arrogance part, but at least this article is a step in the right direction. Perhaps somebody in management will listen to her, but I doubt it. When she did the columns about articles and photos she couldn't find a reporter or editor who understood why that might demonstrate bias, or be wrong.

Well good luck Washington Post. The New York Times is doing the same thing and is collapsing even faster, but good riddance to that.

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