Thursday, June 11, 2009

AP Violates Family's Privacy In Story About Privacy Being Violated

In a charming story about how a family in St. Louis Christmas photo ended up as a display ad in the Czech Republic the Associate Press includes a photo of the picture. So now not just a few thousand Czech people were able to see it but also millions of people across the world.

I won't link the story as the AP is paranoid about it but it should be easy to find. Just google "Xmas pic mysteriously becomes storefront ad".

Also make sure you choose the right policy on Flickr for your photos.

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Anonymous said...

The AP did not violate this family's privacy. Danielle Smith put her family on her blog. She posted the story complete with photos on May 28 and as the AP reported has gotten 180,000 hits since. I'm not so sure she is looking for anonymity. According to her blog she and her family are headed to New York City to visit CBS. Oh! in case you want to read her blog the link is conveniently noted at the bottom of the AP report. Move over Jon & Kate.