Monday, October 22, 2007

Alabama and Tennesee

A confused Tennessee Alum wrote the following email to our Deputy Project Manager:


I would like to exercise your open door policy to discuss the current
hostile work environment in our office. I feel that I have been the
victim of harassment from some sort of animal rights group, apparently
concerned about elephant poaching in Africa. Emblems and figures
representing the elephants have been placed in my office cube, along
with red streamers apparently representing the blood shed by hunted
elephants in the African Safari.

Frankly, I find the entire episode confusing. I admit that I have not
paid particular attention to the problems of elephant poaching, but I
find it puzzling that these animal rights extremists chose my cube to
protest the impending "rolling tide" of elephant extinction that will
occur if the poaching is not stopped.

In any case, I request to discuss this matter with my supervisor. I
have seen many elephant emblems around the office, and I certainly
recognize the right of our work force to join and participate in
political action groups after work. I feel, however, that I have been
unfairly targeted for my lack of participation in this animal rights
activism, and I would like actions taken immediately to protect myself
from harassment and save my property from further vandalism.

Thank you,

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