Saturday, May 2, 2009

The American Ruling Oligarchy

In the past worked indirectly with Congress, senior civil service, and senior military officers and our friends in the media I have often referred to our ruling class as an Oligarchy. They are a group who believe they are entitled to a great deal more then your or I all the while making decisions for the rest of us to just deal with. Not that some of them aren't motivated for the right reasons they just come to expect better treatment and services.

In the to-do over First Lady Obama's $540 French tennis shoes (I don't know maybe they are a gift or she got 'em on a discount) Instapundit coins the phrase THE NOMENKLATURA always get nice shoes..

The Nomenklatura were the Soviet ruling class who had better shops then the average comrade and could go overseas to buy stuff. In a way it is a pretty good term to describe our ruling elite.

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