Friday, May 8, 2009

Parker Griffith Set To Be A One Term Congressman

Our old Congressman, Bud Cramer, retired last year and Democrat Parker Griffith was elected. Most likely due to the fact that there was a lot of strait party voting and Obama coat tails helped him. Of course now that Obama has proposed a twenty percent cut to missile defense with severe effects on Huntsville he will likely lose in 2010. The primary job of our Congresspeople is to keep bringing in the defense and NASA dollars to HSV. Without them this area's economy will wither pretty fast -- and it has in the past after NASA ended the moon program and the boom-and-bust in defense spending.

Griffith wrote quickly as reported in the HSV Times "I will work with the administration and my colleagues in Congress to make sure our government is committed to these programs and they understand how vital multilayered missile defense systems like Ground-Based Midcourse Defense, Terminal High Altitude Area Defense and the Standard Missile will always be to our nation and our international allies."

Of course if there is one defense program the liberal Democrats, who now run Washington, hate more then anything it is missile defense. So good luck on that Parker. People kind of told you this when you ran.

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