Wednesday, December 12, 2007


The story has died down, but I expect The Huntsville Times to follow-up at some point on the workers. Especially if someone like the SEIU gets involved. The tax resolution passed without mentioning CINRAM by name, but it still is an issue. Luckily for CINRAM elections aren't for a while around here. I seem to be getting hits from all over the world on this story.

The lefty blogs in Alabama picked up the story as well and wrote about it. Here are a few links:

Cinram/Huntsville Importing Workers While Taking Tax Breaks Left In Alabama seems like a Daily Kos kind of site.

Mo Brooks goes after Cinram This seems like a more traditional blog.

We will keep watching and reporting, but I recommend that if you are looking at CINRAM for a H2B job be very careful and research it as much as possible.

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