Monday, December 31, 2007

Y2K Hysteria Remeberence

Wired looks at Y2K hysteria eight years ago Dec 31, 1999: Horror or Hype?. It is hard to believe all of the doom and gloom predicted. One of the local towns where I lived in Virginia was convinced by their "Y2K consultants" to establish an emergency command post stockpiled with supplies so that when civilization collapsed there was a place to turn too. They spent over $3 M dollars on that if I remember. Other people filled their bathtubs with water just in case that utility stopped working. All-in-all, it was another fine gift that Microsoft gave the world.

Any word on what happens in 3000?

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eric sanders said...

My employer at that time was a small engine producer. We had tons of CNC machining equipment and they paid a small crew of us 3X to come in at 11:30pm and stand around to watch the computers roll over to 0:00. They rolled over, we cycled the machines once, and all was well.