Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Fake Blog From Work

We were discussing today how we could write a fake blog from work. I know that The Secret Diary of Steve Jobs is the standard, and it is been done. But we were thinking about it. A sample entry from "The Army Acquisition Program Manager Blog" would be something like this:

0630, Showed up at work after running 5 miles. Began to read the few emails I hadn't already dealt with on my Blackberry at 0000 last night. First was from ATEC complaining about lack of testing on our aircraft. They are in EST, so have an hour adavantage. Called up the TSM at Rucker, but they weren't there. Left a long, profane voice mail about how the requirements were too vague, and this allowed an in for the testers.

What do you think, DMC??

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