Friday, December 21, 2007

If the DC Public Schools were a Company They Would be ENRON (and out of business)

This is classic. A retired principal from DC Public Schools establishes a non-profit to train teachers. She makes a pitch to the School Department to begin the funding process. They give her a $1,000,000.00 check with no contract or any other paper work. She, being used to the dysfunctional school system, uses the money to train teachers. Ultimately she has received $5.5 M with no real contract or anything. Nobody at the school administration, especially those who signed to authorize the check, will admit to anything. How can you run an organization like this? How can they effectively budget if they throw millions of dollars around with no documentation?

I work in Federal government contracting. Our contract is bigger than that, but we still had to bid, go through the award process, we have quarterly reviews with the government, submit billing invoices and so on. Each year we have to meet with the Government to plan for the next. DC is just crazy.

Anyway, see A $2.9 Million Payout, With a Few Shortcuts

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