Friday, December 14, 2007

Silly Blog Post about Builders

This is the "realty industry" blog on CNBC. There is no description of Ms. Olick's background, but she is probably a realtor. Anyway, she says part of the downturn can be traced to basically the builder's greed, but the backlash they are getting is not really deserved. I haven't seen or heard of any of the behavior that some builders are complaining about, so I can't verify it. I know that during the boom in Northern Virginia, which is when I bought, the builders could be pains-in-the-ass. There was one fancy development near me that would put a section on sale only after the other had completely sold out. This meant that people would line up as if they were trying to get a Wii or tickets for Hannah Montana. Then they would charge outrageous lot deposits. They are now surprised that people are trying to take advantage of the situation? Anyway, see Builders Feeling Wrath Of Buyers: Do They Deserve It?

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