Saturday, December 8, 2007

Modern Journalism

This statement from a Washington Post reported who wrote an article about the "rumor" being spread by Barack Obama's opponents (i.e. Hillary) that he is really Muslim, and that is bad; sums up modern journalism: "Hamilton said, "Reasonable people can disagree on this. But the people I have heard from are not reasonable. What I find especially disheartening is the idea that our motives are simply assumed to have been malicious." The article by the poor, Ombudsman of the Post, Deborah Howell is here: Refuting, or Feeding, the Rumor Mill?.

The fact that poor Mr. Hamilton doesn't understand that there is no possible way his motives were going to go unquestioned in this day and age shocks me. What do they teach at journalism school? Nobody thinks the media acts out of an altruistic attempt to just tell the truth anymore.

If you new the history of the First Amendment it would make even more sense.

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