Friday, December 14, 2007

Shredding Conspiricy

This blog claims that there is some big conspiracy because the Federal government has increased their spending on shredding services from $500K in 2000 to about $3.0M in 2006. He doesn't say if that is in Fiscal or Calendar Years. They believe this is an example of the forthcoming Fascist state in Amerika. A more simple explanation is that since we went to war in 2001 the security requirements have increased dramatically. People are probably shredding stuff today that they would have just recycled in the past. Plus, there have been several laws passed that increase the responsibility of Government to protect the identity of people, which leads to more shredding. Plus, costs of the service have probably increased too. There may be a big conspiracy to hide things from the American people, but it can also be explained pretty easily.

So see Bush Secret Shredding Soars

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