Sunday, December 16, 2007

Global Warming and The Sheep Look Up

This is a classic science fiction novel of the early Seventies by John Brunner. The whole thrust of the book is that the world is collapsing in ecological disaster. At the end of the book the author suggest a radical solution to the problem - the elimination of the American people. This is because they are wasteful and their demands are destroying the planet. The Wikipedia link is here The Sheep Look UpMark Steyn latest column is about Global Warming, and the desire now expressed by some to save the world by eliminating humans. This is at Mark Steyn: Children? Not if you love the planet. I have asked this a few times of Global Warming experts, and never really got an answer. The obvious solution to reducing Green House Gases is to reduce the primary cause - human beings. Unfortunately, who gets to decide who lives?

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