Saturday, December 22, 2007

More Pork from a Congressional Leader

Steny Hoyer is the Democratic Majority Leader in the House. This means he is one step under the Speaker, Ms. Pelosi. He is well known for pouring pork into his district. I remember as a Naval Reservist sitting in the Steny Hoyer Auditorium at our drill site. This story from The Washington Post is a classic use of pork. Here Hoyer funnels money to a company led by a big donor that still hasn't accounted for $500 K in previous Federal funds.

Usually if the Feds send money for some kind of service they get a report at the end detailing what was accomplished with the money. It sounds here that they haven't turned in anything justifying the dollars.

This is not just a Democrat issue, the Republicans were just as bad when they were in charge.

See Despite Questions, Hoyer Wins Funds for Group Run by Donor

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Anonymous said...


I'm a reporter doing an article on pork. I see your reference to the Steny Hoyer Auditorium at your drill site. Can you please give me the name and/or place of the drill site? (I don't need to know your name if you prefer to remain anonymous). Thanks.

James Rosen
Washington Correspondent
McClatchy Newspapers